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We worked with the Akaana foundation for the street kids cypher since 2017, this cypher takes place in the suburbs of Kampala, Kivulu to be precise where most of these children spend their time, Akaana mobilises between 100-150 street kids who we help to mend their clothes, donate clothes, and teach life skills like tailoring and recycling their clothes, we have also collaborated with different artists in the fields of dance, rap, beatbox to share their talents and inspire the children with the hope of helping to create income generating activities rather than falling prey to anti social behaviour.


We were introduced to the Batwa community by an organisation called Local kid foundation who sponsor batwa children to get education and shelter. The Batwa is a marginalised group of people living in the western parts of Uganda who were displaced from their ancestral home to boost the tourism industry in Uganda, this relocation has left the group without a lot of the basic needs and this is the reason why we reached out to do the cypher there and introduce the batwa to the different arts. Since then we have been returning to the region with masterclasses for the parents to create fashion items like bags that Local kid Foundation helps them to sell and intern can provide some basic needs for their families.


We collaborated on this project with a US based design and holistic practitioner called Isamer Gonzales who fundrised 5000 dollars to create different art pieces with the community of Kitgum, this is a region that has been affected with wars for almost a decade and the youth are starting to rebuild their communities and we felt the need to help, through a friend called Ben that owns a community centre we were able to get introduced to youth and single mothers to work with them to Develop different skills like crotetch, macrame, tie and dye, printing. We first met Isamer when she came to Uganda with the Paper Fig Foundation a US based NGO, she attended one of our cyphers and wanted to help.


Kazo is the place where both Ak and Blak the founders of IGC grew up, went to school, and became friends, this is also the place where they volunteered at UWYEFA for more than five years. Since the inception of iGC fashion they have continued to carry out cyphers and masterclasses, Kazo is a place with a lot of youth unemployment and young mothers in Kampala. In 2016 we partnered with BWSA a community organisation in Kazo and opened the Zinunula Art studio to give the youth a place to work and learn different art forms. This is an ongoing project.


We partnered with Grow to Build and Akalo kange two projects started by two talented hip hop artists that so the need to teach the next generation different Hip hop elements. This event brings together many different performing artists to share their talents with the community with the goal of inspiring children and help them explore their creative niche.