Our story

IGC FASHION (Ibrahim and Godfrey’s community fashion) was found in 2017 by two uganda fashion designers Kasoma Ibrahim & Katende Godfrey. We are a fashion and costume label from kampala uganda inspired by African heritage, nature and culture always paired with a forward thinking and a unique design aesthetic. We tend to look at a garment as a moving breathing piece of sculpture art which can be used as a vehicle for communicating and questioning ideas about our cultures. We are partially interested in using raw materials like bark cloth, raffia, sisal, shells and other neglected fabric items that can be combiner and transformed into a unique garment. As designers we find it more important to recognize craftsmanship and sustainability and this contribution is something we always seek to incorporate into our work through reclying, sourcing from diverse African cultures and a zero waste initiative.

Since the beginning of their work IGC Fashion organised different Community Cyphers and Workshops, whereby the Designers taught the Community (children and adults) how to tailor, design and create. This project is a platform for the children, youth, and young mothers' hidden potential as it involves an all-around arts display, not only fashion but also dance, rap, painting, singing, modeling IGC wants to awaken the youths’ desire to try themselves out and strengthen their self-confidence. The goals of the event are to inspire and motivate the youths, to build hope and create unity and love between individuals. By sharing skills in fashion and other arts IGC aims to fight unemployment by preventing youth from being idle and making them discover ways to be creative to gain their own income. The Fashion Cypher is a significant occasion which is essential for IGC’s goal to use fashion for social change. Today the Fashion Label works in many different areas like Kampala (Kazo, Kawempe), Kisoro, Kasese, Kitigum and grows more every day.

IGC Fashion supports the young adults to improve on their skills and develop them. Therefore the Fashion label started an Intern Program whereby young adults can apply to learn from IGC and create their own business. Still many people are not capable of paying the school fees or materials which are needed for their Internship.

IGC’s biggest goal is to build their own art school, where people can learn different skills in Art. Uganda is a country of expression, expression through art, therefore IGC wants to support the community with education, the artists with a school and connections and the youths with building opportunities. Be part of our school